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private investigator hired by the family. >> in my personal opinion, it was not a suicide. that is my personal opinion. again, and i am not speaking for the county or any other agency, but from my personal opinion, it was not. >> reporter: of course, ultimately, the medical examiner will determine the cause of death of the individual found in the woods. again, people who know the family and went to the scene say this is the body of that 17- year-old who disappeared one week ago today. in fairfax, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> heartbreaking and not the way we wanted to see this end. thank you. >> montgomery police shot and killed a man this morning. he called 911 around 3:15, told dispatchers he had a gun and wanted to die. the officers found the man outside of a house. they negotiated with the man for two hours before they say he came at them with a gun. they shot him and he later died
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at the hospital. his name is not being released. a painful sunday for the burgandy and gold in more ways than one. robert griffin 3 knocked on the of the game with a concussion. scott smith has the latest. any update on rg3? >> reporter: griffin said he feels good. no dizziness, headache or nausea. he told the head coach shanahan that he felt he did l. of course, it will come down to the testing of independent neurologist before he sees the field and that took place. he was running to the right and hit by atlanta's sean witherspoon. he laid there for awhile before leaving the field with the game on his own power. about he first got off of the field, he said he was fine. when asked for the score in the quarter of the game as a test, he answered correctly. moments later, when asked again for the score in the quarter, he got it wrong. at that point, he was taken to the locker room for further
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testing. so, for the rest of the week, shanahan said griffin's recovery will be watched closely. >> he's resting and testing. then tomorrow, since he passed the test, consider getting the work and then if there is no symptoms like headaches, dizziness nausea, he would be able to practice, as long as there is no contact. and they can monitor that throughout the week, make sure that no headaches come back or dizziness, things look the lines. >> reporter: the nfl took a closer look at the information released on his status during the game. the injury update announced in the press box it was that he was shaken up and his return would be questionable. the league will look at whether that information meets the requirement of teams to deliver timely and accurate information. we have baseball news for you.
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the nats looking to take a two games to none advantage and we'll have a live report from st. louis. will? >> all right, scott. thank you. and you have to waitso&see. >> to the campaign trail. mitt romney spent the day on foreign policy. in the speech in lexingston, mr. romney said president obama's leadership put the world at greater risk of conflict in the middle east. calling for a new assertive role inner isia and calls for tighter sanctions in iran. >> it's clear the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. i know the president hopes for a safer, freer, and more prosperous middle east allied with us, i share this hope but hope is not a strategy. we can't support our friends and defeat our enemies when our words are not backed up by
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deeds. >> the obama campaign said that romney has been an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy. president obama is still in california today. where he announced the establishment of the cesar chavez national monument. he paid respects at the labor leader's grave along with the widow of chavez and greeted a crowd gathered there and told him how he made a difference in the highways of countless farm workers. >> a boycot of table grapes in california eventually grow 17 million supporters across the country. forcing them to agree to the first farm contract in history. whether -- where it was once despair, he gave workers a recent -- reason to hope. >> the polls have the president leading mitt romney in california and among latino voters. there is good news for mitt romney on the heels of his performance in the first
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presidential debate. several new polls show him closing the gap between him and president obama. how big of a jump in the polls are we talking about here? >> reporter: po to put it safely here, mitt romney closed the gap. keep in mind, heading into last week in that debate, mitt romney was trail is trawling in several key battleground states and national limit what won't to do is show you some of the polls we were looking at today and with four weeks to the elect, this is cause for fresh concern among the obama campaign and look at this. we're going to start with gallop. gallop before the debate asked voters who was ahead. at that point, obama, 50%; romney, 45% and drop below here and look at what they say now after that first debate. 47% to 47% gallop tonight has it in a dead heat. you might look at that and say,
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hey, it's one poll and maybe it's a napshot of the race. several other major polls came out and saying almost exactly the same thing. look at this. we'll go up to the next debate and this is the rasmussen presidential poll. 48%, 48%. a dead heat in a race where obama was ahead's couple of days ago. and we move to the political. george washington university battleground poll and this had obama up by a wide margin a couple of days ago, now 48 to 47% and with the obama lead down to 1%. we put this together, and this is an average of all of the major polls from across the country. 48.3% for the president. 47.2% for mitt romney. he's putting together loss after loss after loss and many of the key, dif rears --
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differing debates. we're looking at a trend where mitt romney not only closed the gap but month independent voters, the most important, they saying that they're taking a second look and this is good news. this is after one debate and there are still two more to go before the voters go to the polls in november . >> and this speaks to the people who think the debates don't matter and this shows romney is getting a boost. when you look at the polls, what stands out for you? >> and what is interesting is the timeline of this, will, went over the course of time before a first debate and friday and friday was important because that is when those new unemployment numbers came out that showed that employment was down to a level we have not seen in four years. what that means is a plot of people took more emphasis on the debate than what they saw in that number on friday coming out and mitt romney got a bigger bump. that debate than in a four-day
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debate in tampa in august. the good news for the obama campaign at this point, will, they have been warning their supporters against any complacency in the race and that is not stay home thinking the president had all of this rand -- wrapped up if the numbers are correct and across the board, they compete themselves, the obama campaign has new reason to go back to the supporters and tell them the race is far from over. >> let me ask you this. the unemployment numbers you were mentioning, they were good and they were released on the heels of what is immediately say president obama's not so good performance. >> i asked senator mccain, the numbers came out on friday and many prominent republicans and some in the republican party questioned the timing of that and questioned the labor department would put out the sympathetic numbers to the obama campaign saying unemployment had dropped in a
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dramatic way. i think, senate, do you fall in line with this? senator mccain said no. he believes the numbers are what they are; however, the drum beat of questioning it, will, is something the obama campaign has to answer and that is trying to put each side on the defense of saying what they thought was an advantage. >> and thank you for checking in to that. a lot of folks were talking about that and he does not pull punches. i think he got a good answer from him. thank you, tom fitzgerald. our coverage includes you at home. we want to hear from you as you approach elect day. use the hash tag fox 5 d.c. you decide and tweet your thoughts about the candidate, issues, the election and more as we countdown to november. and now to the weather, below average temperatures gripping the region. gary mccready -- gary mcgrady is in the weather center. i turned the heat on and it was too cold now. >> me, too.
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this morning. >> yes. >> and we are wimpy. >>you look 80s, right in. >> yes. >> and let me tell you something. you think it's coal mere, we're looking -- here, we're look at radar. a few showers, not much in the district and just a little bit along the southern prince in stereo southern -- into southern sections of prince georges county. the rain is harder, more widespread the temperature is 43 degrees. the temperature in hagersdown is 43 degrees and that is 53. can you add rain in the mix here and it's downright bone chillingly cold out there and as long as we have the chance of showers moving across, the temperatures are going to stay very, very cool. this is the bigger picture now. i want you to see the heaviest of the rain is staying to the east of us and we're going have some showers coming on across the region this evening and
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overnight tonight. not so wet tomorrow and that is going to be warmer. the numbers overall, 53 here and along the i-81 corridor where it's raining, the temperatures in the lower 40s. john, i think -- shape, i think we're going have the heat on as well. >> going to have to get used to it for a while. >> yes. >> thank you, gary. and kenco -- pepco reached a tentative congrat agreement. the agreement is subject to a vote by the worker's union. both sides have been at an impasse for months and both sides have declined to provide specifics about the day's agreement. a large tree fell on randolph road hitting a box truck and suv. the tree knocked over several power lines. the road was closed this afternoon for some time as crews work to clean up the mess and it's back open tonight. there is no word what caused the tree to fall. >> reporter: don't think you're
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a wimp. coming up here on the 5, local firefighters rush into action to save a kitten that got stuck in an engine. >> and the death toll from the meningitis outbreak that made people sick in several states, including maryland and virginia is growing. we'll have the latest. >> and could you live on $30 a week? a d.c. council member challenges herself to highlight the plight of others. stay with us. 
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. you know from time to time everyone's car makes a funny noise. has anyone meowed? they called trip georges county fire department because he thought a cat was urn the hood. for 45 minutes of coaxing, they got the kitten out. and he seemed to be in good shape there. we're told one of the firefighters adopted the cat and took him back. could you live on $30 a week? some folks in our area have no other choice. they rely on food stamps to get by and to bring attention to how little money people have to put food on the table, one member of the d.c. council is putting themselves on the shoes. matt has more. good evening. >> reporter: it's called the food stamp challenge. $30 a week and that is over $4 a day for one person.
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this afternoon, council member mary chay invited us togo go shopping with her and learned that it doesn't go far. >> i will get bananas, for sure. >> reporter: grabbing a shopping cart and with the help of a friend, she set out to gather enough food for seven days. >> two for $5. hmm? >> she looked for cheaper foods, things to be used to make several miles -- meals. >> and let's put it back. >> reporter: adding up each item, she was forced to give up things she usually tosses into her car. raisin bread, fresh flowers and her favorite, blueberry. >> and look at this. this amount of blueberries here is $4. i can't get that. >> she is trying to bring attention to the supplemental nutrition assistance program known as snap or commonly called foodstamps. the program helps over 140,000dc residents. 47,000 are children. 10,000 are senior citizens.
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on a tight grocery budget, there is no money for treats. >> maybe you want to buy like a nice cake or something like that. there is no room for that. >> reporter: after carefully adding up all of the victim -- items, this is what $30 will buy you. she held her breath as the cashier added up the last item and that took her over budget. >> if i take a banana off, would that work? >> it does can -- did request with 40 cents later in the week. >> i'm trying to do this for a week? is this what i had to do? it can demoralize you. >> not much food at all. remember, this was only for food and there is no laundry determent, shampoo or other items that people need. she said starting tomorrow, she'll begin the challenge and is confident she'll be able to do it and we're going check back with her later in the week, will. >> it will be an eye opener for her and all of us. thank you. plenty of people spent the
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holiday weekend getting a taste of d.c. more than 50 restaurants bought it for 3 days of foody heaven and -- there were beers available to wash everything down. in case want to go out there, today is the last day for the taste of d.c. event. >> and you look at food like that and we have weather like we have. time for cold front food and some mashed potatoes and gravy. >> there is going to be rain in spots. i don't think that everyone gets wet and -- way below normal and in some cases, we're 20, 25 degrees below that and that is colder. winchester is 41, culpepper is 50 and in up to, we're 53. and we have come off the high a
5:19 pm
bit and that is before degrees. we have had some rain in some spots and going to rain for sentinel radar and not much in the. the heavier rain is to the north and west. sliding into washington county -- county there and basically, the counties boarderring the virginia and west virginia line and back into western virginia. again, where the heavier rain is, it's coming on across and cooling things down k. and we have real low dew points. what happens when it starts raining into that dry column of air, it cools down and that is why you end up with lower 40s and in up to, just a shower here and there and that is with the rain to the south-southeast
5:20 pm
and you're stepping out, you know you will need your jacket and sweater. and that may not be a bad thing. even if you're caught out with a few sprinkles, it's chilly and that would be miserable out there and keep that in mind. we'll be drier tomorrow, shape, and we slowly begin to warm things up. key going to approach 70 degrees. seventy. >> and i am looking forward to that. >> we can turn the heat off. >> thank you, we'll see you later. >> and there goes my channel pajama idea. the main suspect in the nat lay holloway disappearance is going to be a dad. coming up on the five, how van dersloot managed to get a woman pregnant while in prison for murder. >> and it was supposed to be the happiest day of their live. what sent several people to the hospital. a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline at 202-895-3,000 or lay it out in an e mail. include your phone number.
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. jerry sandusky will be sentenced tomorrow. he was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse in june. the jurors will be attending the sentenceing and hope he is support away the rest of his life. joren van der sloot got a woman pregnant while serving a 28-year sentence for murder. he was accused -- charged with killing a woman in peru and the main suspect of the disappearance of natalie holloway in teey -- in 2005. she became pregnant with van der slight in a lima prison. and to a developing story in colorado. tonight, the inch is on for a
5:25 pm
10-year-old girl who disappeared on the way to school last friday. she was last seen walking to a park where she meets friends before school it was found six miles away. >> and we're not discussing the contents of the bag and this spans the investigate even more now to be aware. >> plea are investigating whether her disappearance is related to two recent child enticement cases in that area. the man tried to lure boys about the same age as jessica into a car. coming up, a first-of-its- kind study about children with autism. find out how researchers say nearly half of them will put themselves in danger. and a deadly meningitis outbreak made people sick in nine states, including maryland and virginia is getting billinger. find out what is being done to contain it. >> and the beverage industry is
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fighting back over south air sodas. take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at
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obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . the nationwide meningitis outbreak is growing. maryland officials identified two more people infected after receiving a inject, bringing the total now to 5. the death toll from the outbreak is up to 8 and health officials report 105 confirmed cases in 9 states. fox's mary ann rapheerty has the latest. >> we're investigating an unusual outbreak of meningitis. >> reporter: more than 17,000 vials about have been shied out to 120 facilities in 23 states. despite -- despite the numbers, only a select portion of the population is infected. >> if you have any steroidsal injects between july of this year and the 28th, you need to be aware of this. >> reporter: one indiana wom
5:30 pm
was informed the steroids injection she received for back pain may have been contaminated. she's nervously anticipating the outcome of her test results. >> i had a severe headache that i couldn't get out of bed and hasn't went away yet. this is nerve racking. >> reporter: meningitis is treatable if caught early. you should be on the lookout for warning signs. >> symptoms that they're experiencing are what we sometimes see in cases of meningitis, like fever, new or working headache and sometimes neck stiffness. we have seen in a few patients signs and symptoms of stroke, sudden onset of speech, dizziness, difficult walking, sudden weakness, et cetera. >> reporter: the treatment of meningitis can take a few weeks including months. to loved ones affected, the virus is not contagious. mary ann rapheerty, fox news. a new study shows nearly half of all children with autism will put themselves in
5:31 pm
danger by wandering off. the first of its kind study that tried to figure out how often the condition called e leaping happens. researchers surveyed more than 1300 families. 49% of them reported the child with autism and tried to wander off at least once after the age of four. opening us now is the officer lore reyes, coordinator of the program with montgomery county police. good to come in. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> and talk about project life saver. >> okay. >> and it's either on the wrist or ankle. >> yes. >> and allows to you find someone who wandered off. >> absolutely. >> and that is the last piece of the puzzle that we use. we try to have a layered approach making a placement of the bracelet the last piece of the putel and it's important family members have other measures in place so that tracking is the last component. >> and some is probably common
5:32 pm
sense. i would imagine not always and depends what you're dealing with? >> absolutely. >> and alarms, maybe a 911 script. >> thank you. for this opportunity. absolutely. i encourage family member to have an alarm installed on their home so that in the event their child wanders, they're aware. often times, children wander or elope in the overnight hour when is caregivers are sleeping. an alarm would let them know immediately that their child left. the second thing, don't hesitate to call 9. call us immediately. and don't worry about getting into trouble or thinking it's not appropriate to call us. >> and what to have a phone. maybe having a good description to -- the 911 call taker?
5:33 pm
>> questions on that script. find out where the closest bodies of water are and is it a bag of tomato chips to calm them down and get them safely back to you and make sure that they know where the closest pools are, drainage places. >> i want to get through a couple of more areas quickly. >> okay. >> and what is it? >> it's basically when you were able to track about a mile in the ground and three miles in -- from the air. it's not gps or csi miami. it takes time to track on
5:34 pm
average. we can find them in 20 to 30 minutes and for someone with autism, that can be too long. >> and as i wrap up with you, officer, what about involving the community? involving neighbors? is that something important as a parent or care giver of someone with autism? >> absolutely. we have a neighbor let or our website is that allows you to distribute the form to share as much or little information as you wish about the child and stick with that child and. >> to be a part of the website. >> yes. >> and officer, good work. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> and over to you. recovers studied nearly 200 babies and found no difference with complications and death risks between the two types of
5:35 pm
blood and say people assume fresh is better because the red blood kills deteriorate. they discover they come back to life and deliver oxygen as soon as they're transfused. another study shows eating tomatoes may lower a man's risk of stroke and they're high in lycopene. they tested the blood of more than 1,000 older men, men who had high levels were near le60% less likely to have a stroke than those with the lowest levels. the findings support the recommending a that people get more than the five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. you will soon be able to see how many calories are in your soda, even before buying it. the beverage industry is -- and they will feature a message rehighway patrolling the customer to choose a low-cal drink as well. they will 'lanche in chicago and stone municipal buildings in 2014 before appearing nationally and perhaps in our break room. >> i like the idea of seeing
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that and then it helps you make a better choice. >> i agree and at first, you don't want to. >> right. >> and a particular sandwich. >> rethink. >> yup. >> and hold the mayo. >> that's right. >> that kind of thing. >> and i like that idea. coming up tonight, a guidance counselor loses her job after racy photos from the past surface online. find out if fox 5 viewers think she should have been fired. >> and the latest on the sex scandal forcing the police chief of a major city to step down. down. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class?
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5:40 pm
scandal. he had a sexual relationship with a subordinate. he was suspended for 30 days as of last week and after the went posted a photo of herself with a police gun in her mouth on the twitter account and found out that he went to a conference with another woman and godby signed this morning effective immediately. a woman is out of job thanks to photos from her early modeling career. shoo is -- she is 37 now and these photos are 20 years old. she told the school district of her modeling past. the problem is they kept popping out without her permission. the school dismissed her for conduct unbecoming a school employee. and we asked our facebook friends to weigh in on this issue and she should not have been fired. they knew when they hired her, they're trying to cut mean. >> to take responsibility for the choices we make in our lives. sometimes they will come back and haunt you. we invite to you join the conversation.
5:41 pm
go to my baseball page. >> i was telling a friend of mine yesterday, be careful about your facebook page. >> it's not public domain. >> i am like that with my son, my oldest son. i have been on him. >> and the chaos on camera. >> and have you experienced horrible service? there is a new website to get your voice heard. >> and it looks like a warm-up is on the way. >> woo-hoo. >> and gary's back with that warmer forecast.
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i'm barack obama, anand i approve this message. "i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here? . ware launching's new segment we hope will make your life easier. this is your hint behind me. fox 5s consumer reporter laura
5:45 pm
evans is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: from time to time here on the news at 5, we're going to highlight a product or a service that we think is worth a second look. we're calling it laura's like. catchy, right? kind of like a facebook thing, you know. our first installment and we're going to take a look at something giving consumers an edge and that is a way for them to have a voice like never before. it's an online site called and we know the frustration when you have terrible service and you want to complain about something and that is impossible to get through to a company, especially when it's a large corporation. you call an 800 number and get lost. this website makes it easy and taps into the power of social media to help get your message heard. it was created by a consumer advocate and social media expert by the name of dave carol. i talked to him via skype earlier and he told me how worked. >> take as much bandwidth to
5:46 pm
see what happened opposed to facebook and twitter where you have 140 characters to say what you want. or, unlike facebook, where you have to like the company and get some of your information away to the company. the gripevine can you see it, take as long as you need to make it happen and what it is that you're looking for as a resolutions. and we're about solving problems and not just flashing brands or arguing. so, when you say what happened, is what is your resolution, we take that and send it to a company. >> and once the griper is satisfied, the complaint is resolved and you will so it pop up on the website listed in a column on the right-hand side of the page. now, there are dozens of big companies now connected to the site and they're listening or watching, too, as the complaints come in. verizon is month them, home demote, coca-cola -- home depot, coca-cola, sprint, just to ma'am a -- name a few. there are firewalls set up on the site and so the person who
5:47 pm
complains for the sport of the complaining or someone who is out to bad mouth a company just to bad month the company, can't get away with it on this site, according to dave carol, the founder and creator of if you come across coming that you think we should take a sec look at, something an idea for laura's like, send me an e-mail at laura's and there is no apostrophe there. >> i think it's catchy and you're right. it will catch on, too. >> have fun with it. >> thank you. >> okay. an alaska airlines customers are complaining after a computer problem caused significant delays for all of the airlines flights this morning. the technical glitch left the airline unable to check in passengers and, in fact, it took several hours to fix. the airline since apologized and is getting flights back on schedule.
5:48 pm
hyundai recalling many vehicles do you to a potential fire hazard. rain might be able to get into the power window switch on the driver's side, which can cause it to overheat and catch fire. the recall affects 2002-2006 models. and how about this? wal-mart and american express teaming up to offer customers reloadable prepaid cards. the service will not have a minimum balance or monthly or annual fees. the companies say it was built on feedback from customers who were tired of rising fees related to checking accounts and debit services. bluebird will be available starting next week. and, you know, that reminds me. people are holiday shopping already. >> gee. >> and it that feels like the holidays out there. >> there is no. -- snow. >> not in our area. >> a few hours away. >> all right. >> and about 2500 fight. >> the warm-up sounds good. >> we're all looking forward to it. >> and that would not have to
5:49 pm
warm up a lot and to get it exactly. >> bring the sun out. >> we would be behe normal. >> and that is coming. we should be? real, real shape and check on the outside is now. most of the activity is farther to the west of the metro and to the east in metro. here in up to, we have stayed relatively dry, allowing the temperatures, believe it or not, the fact that it didn't rain allowed them to make it into the mid-50s, right in is any where that is raining is colder than that. and showing that. and this is real dry in the low levels and some of the rain that we see on radar is not making it to the surface. okay and to the northwestern problem her. for hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester and the i-81
5:50 pm
corridor is with most of the rain and the temperatures with the rain and to the west, above 2500 fight, they were getting some snow out there and got a couple of, mails from snow shoe, virginia, and saying hey, it's snowing out there and if you're waiting for the slopes to open, they have the adjusting of snow out there and west of i-81, the higher allegation. and that might be the yellow there and could be at higher elevation and we haven't said that in awhile. you will so a warming trend with a couple of days where we're projecting 70 degrees
5:51 pm
readings and we'll start warming again and that is not much warmer than today, but we'll have some sunshine and that will take temperatures into the upper 50s. on wednesday, the middle of the week and that is coming back, believe it or not, still below normal. as i was talking about, to the west here, how whiley. winchester, 41; martinsburg, fork; hagerstown, 43 and because of the rain out there cooled down and that is 48. to the eastern six of the state, boston, 44; a temperature of 53 and back into detroit and columbus and mid- 50s. a cool unsettled pattern for
5:52 pm
most of the northwest and this evening, showers around and out at the metro and we can even here in the metro, have a shower moving across. once the sunsets, the temperatures will be dropping into the 40s and a couple of sprinkles through here from time to time. and that looks like the trend. as we pull it out and look at the bigger picture, there is a bit of rain from the southwest later on this evening and jove night. definitely, the heaviest of the rain is to the south-southeast of us and moving through eastern sections of north carolina and to parts of delaware and southern maryland. we're fairly dry here and we will continue with the clouds tonight and into the suburbs, we will have the possibility of a few foggy spots and that is
5:53 pm
not going to be too bad or widespread and have to include that in the morning and winds with the commute and out of the north at five to seven miles an hour. in terms of the overnight low temperatures, 46 or so in monasses; 45 in dulles. farther to the north and west, frederick, 39; hagerstown, 41 and martinsburg, 42. some of the other communities, especially north and west, i think the temperatures will be able to get into the upper 50s. and this is your accuweather forecast for tomorrow. again, a few foggy spots going through a little bit of sunshine. not much. a little bit of sunshine at noontime. again, not much. the temperatures staying in the mid-50s and a little bit more sunshine will call for some brighter spots tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. the temperatures approaching 60 degrees and this is your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast to show you that if we do see a trend for the warmer
5:54 pm
temperatures, it starts tomorrow and, unfortunately, in the 50s. tomorrow night, early wednesday morning we may have a few showers and most of wednesday looks nice and fine. we're up to 70. the front moves through, we're down to 64 on thursday and staying basically in the 60s until we get to the latter part of the weekend and right now, i know it's monday, but right now, the weekend is looking good. >> okay. >> thank you, gary. >> thank you, gary. curse negligent rain. i can't think of -- insane. >> hip-hop mogul jay-z hit brooklyn for eight sold out shows the last week. playing at the barclay center. he plans to release the album recording live from the concert. it will be in a collection appropriately called live in brooklyn.
5:55 pm
from. >> i joy tunes. check out brian for a look at what is coming up next on the news edge at 6. new on the news edge, you think he would be good for president and so do american vote voters. can he caught mitt romney the race. and controversial ads that sparked concern in new york. now front and center in several d.c. metro stations. get ready for a stink bug invasion where the tiny bugs are taking over. that is at 6. that is at 6.  when i was younger and... financially stable. we were poor. the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. clerk. way up. insurance... and i make great money. seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. to accountants... and construction workers. place to work with good pay... question seven.
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5:58 pm
. at least one man is charged in connection with this big fight between two wedding parties in a philadelphia hotel. the big reception fight was caught on camera over the weekend. dozens of police officers were called to get things under control. one man died after having a heart attack right outside of the reception. investigators don't know if he was involved in any of the fits. what they also don't know is
5:59 pm
what started the big brawl, but they do say that there will alcohol was involveed and more arrests are now expected. can you imagine? >> no. >> two different groups and wedding parties, different wedding recessions fighting each other. >> and what is the parents -- >> just because you have the right to say it doesn't mean you should say it. >> they should be allowed on free speech grounds but i think also it's incredibly i responsible. >> we're monitoring metro. commuters are divided on the controversial signs popping up. they refer to aderal -- radical muslims as savages.

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